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A culture of health
and movement

Members-only boutique classes studio, coming soon!

Join our culture

Join our culture of health and movement at Bath’s Riverside where everyone can enjoy a balance of fitness and nutrition all under one roof.

As a member you'll be able to drop in for a whole-body Turn & Burn session on our state of the art air-bikes, or balance out a busy day with a restoring Yoga or Flow class. Pick up a nutritious recovery smoothie or a healthy salad bowl to-go and you’ll become part of the health movement. Our designers are currently working hard to create two beautiful studios and boutique hotel-standard facilities.

We're also delighted to announce our Upper Class sessions which are uniquely designed to help improve balance, flexibility, mobility and functional strength for the over 60's.

We can't wait to meet you in 2019. Register here to find out about our early bird offers: